About AED Battery Exchange

AED Battery Exchange (ABE) Mission Statement:

  1. Provide an economical alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), non-rechargeable, AED batteries without sacrificing performance, life, FDA approval, warranty, or indemnification.
  2. Facilitate responsible and convenient recycling of AED battery packs constituting the equivalence in plastic volume of over 2.3 million water bottles and nearly 200 tons of non-discharged hazardous materials annually in the U.S.

AED Battery Exchange re-celled packs utilize OEM components including lithium cells that match those used by the OEM. By using the same cells as those used by the OEM the re-celled packs provide the same performance and life as that of the OEM. The FDA has granted the AED Battery Exchange clearance to re-cell OEM packs based on our commitment to supply only these OEM cells. Therefore, buyers of AED Battery Exchange battery packs can be assured that they are receiving a product substantially equivalent to that of the OEM. This allows the AED Battery Exchange to provide the same warranty as that offered by the OEM.

AED batteries are classified as Class III devices by the FDA and therefore AED batteries cannot be re-celled without FDA clearance. In addition, all AED battery packs must be tested in accordance with the United Nations of tests and criteria in order to be transported whether ground or air. If you are interested in purchasing re-celled AED packs, be certain that your supplier has FDA clearance and a UN Certificate for transport. These documents are available by the AED Battery Exchange on this website or at your request.

AED Battery Exchange sells through a distribution network that provides battery cores for re-celling, such that end customers can purchase and receive re-celled packs without removing their AED from service. Please support this green process by returning your cores to your distributor or the AED Battery Exchange. We will receive non-rechargeable AED battery packs as identified in the FAQ section.

Thanks for taking care of our green planet!